Green Clean InstituteWelcome to our Education Center where you will access all of the GCI professional development courses. You will need to enter the provided username and password to take the appropriate educational course assigned to you. Based upon feedback, we are sure that you will learn and enjoy the courses that await you.

This site offers English and allows class-led Spanish accommodation as well. Inform the office if you need further assistance in accessing this site. office@gcicertified.com or 815-793-7043.

We have worked hard to make our courses worth your time and investment. This is more than education, this is certified professional development.  It is about protecting the HEALTH of everyone, starting with the frontline staff member. As you will discover, cleaning services have a meaningful and important contribution in any facility or building, one which is based on proactively protecting the health of individuals within the built environments we maintain.

Whether your operation is based in a school, a business, a manufacturing location, or a retail store; Green cleaning makes a huge difference. If you and your staff do not know and understand the health component values you bring to bear, your customers will neglect what we feel is the starting point for any Green business.

Thank you for joining us and return often to check for any updates to our material as we journey together providing improved environmental health services around the globe.  

Upon completion, our office will send certificates to company management.

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